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Skin Care from Bees & Flowers

Natural Sugar Scrubs

turbinado sugar used in my natural sugar scrub

I chose turbinado sugar when designing natural sugar scrubs as it exfoliates and leaves the skin smooth without the stinging and burning of the sharp salt crystal. I chose to blend Jojoba oil in my natural sugar scrubs as Jojoba is nature's closest oil resembling our body's own sebum. Jojoba oil is one of the most versatile and widely used lubricants in the world. It is actually a liquid wax extracted from the jojoba bean that also has sunscreen properties. This oil is non-pore Jojoba Bean for Natural Sugar Scrubclogging, easily absorbed and leaves the skin very velvety smooth. I included Shea Butter as it is high in essential fatty acids for the soft, elastic "turgor" of the skin. It has a very soft yet non-greasy feeling, is easily absorbed into the skin and protects against UV rays.

Natural Sugar Scrub

8 Ounces


Created in 2005, for an "at home spa treat." I use only pure organic ingredients for exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful’s Honey-Sugar Scrubs are a secret blend of honey with turbinado & brown sugars, nut butters and nut oils lightly scented with essential oils. A wooden scoop is included for product removal ease. Consider using finger tips or a spa mitt.

I chose a bathroom and shower safe 8 oz. acrylic jar. (the nurse in me always)