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Skin Care from Bees & Flowers

Natural Goat's Milk Soaps

Natural Goat's Milk Soap - handmade

All of my Goat's Milk Soaps are made with only organic nut and vegetable oils with the added protein of goat's milk. No dyes or coloring agents are ever used!

My soaps are "cured" for 6-8 weeks and then placed in hand sewn cloth bags - Soap must breathe! I also package soaps that have been double milled into a fancy mold as shown on the right.

Handmade Goat's Milk Soap

handmade natural goat's milk soap $4.00

Handmade goat’s milk soap from pure nut oils, goat’s milk and essential oils, cured 8 weeks and packaged in hand sewn cloth bags. I chose an oval shape for my soaps to make it easier for all ages to handle when bathing.


Double Milled Goat's Milk Soap

double milled natural goat's milk soap $5.00

Double milled Goat’s milk soap, poured into 4 oz. fancy mold and packaged in see-thru gift box with silk flowers. Great gift idea!



Handmade Foaming Soap

natural foaming soaps $8.00

These foaming soaps can also be used for shaving and come in a 6 oz foaming bottle.  The foaming soaps are a "natural blend of aloe vera, jojoba and grapeseed oils in a goat's milk soap"...


Soap Disc

$5.00 each

New in 2008!

These soap discs can be used with the natural boar bristle brush for shaving and are made from goat's milk. Available in Unscented, Bay Rum, Sandalwood, Moroccan Fig & Patchouli.