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Natural Insect Repellent

Natural Insect Repellent - protect your children natrually!

Living in Maine when the mosquitoes and black flies are out especially when trying to set fences in the spring is a battle of patience and tolerance. Being a nurse I have read a lot about chemicals used in insecticides and repellants. My feeling is "if you can't pronounce it... probably better not be using it" In 2002, I created my own insect repellant (spray and roll-on) with a Shea lotion base (for the added sunscreen properties)

 Play with protection from black flies and sun with Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful insect repellants with herb infused and essential oils (7 to be exact). All natural! Pure! None staining of hats and clothes!

Because the black flies love the hairline and around the ears, I decided that a beeswax based roll-on applicator form would be effective to use along with the spray.

Natural Insect Repellent

Bee-gone Natural Insect Repellent


In 2002, I created my “Bee-Gone” insect repellent spray with pure organic nut and “Seven Secret” essential oils. There is no citronella or deet and it's in a Shea butter lotion base spray. The Shea butter gives my Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful insect repellents added softening and UV resistance.

Available as 4 oz. spray or 1 oz. beeswax base solid roll up applicator.


Natural Insect Repellent Kit


Now you can purchase the 4 ounce "7 secret" ingredient shea butter lotion spray, the 1 ounce stick and the Bug Bite BooBoo Healing Stick made with calendula, emu and plantain as a kit!  All the same products and ingredients, but now packaged together to save you money.