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Skin Care from Bees & Flowers

Natural Aluminum Free Deodorants

Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful deodorants are all-natural and gentle on the most sensitive skin. I designed the aluminum-free all natural deodorant in 2000, after seeing first hand as a nurse, the effects of aluminum toxicity in the axilla (armpit) lymph glands. Men and women are developing cancers of the breast and are having mastectomies. Medical journals are full of articles linking aluminum absorption in the brain and Alzheimer's.

The aluminum in the store anti-perspirants put the sweat glands to sleep to keep people "socially dry". We were designed to sweat. Remember how much better you feel after "breaking a sweat" when you have a fever? Our sweat glands were designed to rid our bodies of metabolic waste. If you put your sweat glands to sleep to keep "socially dry", how is your body going to rid itself of the waste buildup ?

  • "Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful" Deodorants absorb your sweat until your next shower or bath. Consider using natural deodorants for the sake of all your loved ones as well as yourself!

Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

Pure and Natural Beeswax Based - NO ALUMINUM!


Designed with organic grape seed and nut oils arrowroot and corn powders and lightly scented with essential oils.


$.25 (per deodorant sold) will be donated to American Cancer Society to help fight Breast Cancer.