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Skin Care from Bees & Flowers

About "Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful"..

Naturally Bee-Ewe-Tiful natural and pure skin care contain no chemicals,natural skin care for all ages thus are easy on the most sensitive skin from the very very young to gram. Each and every designed skin care product has been lovingly and painstakingly handmade in my home using only the purest and mildest ingredients for their respective beneficial properties. I am committed to providing affordably priced pure skin nourishing and moisturizing products. I love what I do and I believe that this workmanship is reflected in the appearance and original designs of my products and packaging.

About Us
I have been fortunate to have lived all my life in a rural area, farming and gardening. I love nature and love to create from nature’s own flowers and beeswax. I am passionate about designing and creating nourishing, wholesome, natural and affordable skin care products.

Did you know that our skin is nourished from the inside out from our nutrition and water…thus the outer layer of skin needs the moisturizing and healing properties to protect or correct the harm of sun and wind.


It is all in the ingredients...

I use only natural and many organic oils and ingredients that could be eaten, no colors, no dyes and most of all…no mineral oil.